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What our clients have to say

Sidhant D., Electrical Engineer, Mississauga

Sidhant before and after 9 months

My lifestyle and eating habbits left me overweight, lethargic and depressed. I got to the point where I had to do something because I could not continue living in this state. I started working with Phil and as the months went by my weight started dropping and my body began to take on shape. As a result of Phil’s expert guidance and my willingness to change I have achieved a physique I never thought possible. I now wake up each morning with a smile on my face and I look forward to each day. “

Peggy Corrigan, Administrator, Mississauga

Peggy before and after 6 months

In May 2012 I decided to seek out a personal trainer as I was not happy with my health and physical appearance. I researched the internet to find the best fit for me and after I read all the previous testimonials of others on Phil’s website I decided I would give him a call. The “best” decision I could of ever done for myself !!!

After my consultation with Phil I started to train with him 3 times a week at the beginning of June 2012. At that time he had provided me with a Nutritional Program based on my own personal requirements and also gave me homework exercises that are very reasonable to do. For every question and explanation that I required he always explained his reasoning or what benefit I would get from such exercise … and I’ve asked many. It is now December 2012 and I’ve been training with Phil for 6 months and have lost 34 lbs and 22 inches overall !!!! I continue losing my weight and inches to date and love the multitude of compliments I receive on my achievements and change everyone sees in me physically.

When I started my journey I had high blood pressure, was on medication (where my dose had recently been increased) and took water pills to help reduce my blood pressure. I currently do not take “any” medications for blood pressure as it is completely manageable and has been reduced (the healthy way) to a safe healthy level. What an impact Phil has had on my life!

Phil takes his training very seriously and knows how to push me physically when I keep stating “I can’t”. How many times he heard that from me. I still continue to train with Phil as I am now heading into the toning and sculpting phase of my workouts which I enjoy and look forward to each session.

I 100% endorse Phil due to his knowledge, expertise and, above all, the results that he helps you achieve. He provides me with great motivation which complements the challenges he sets for me. If you give Phil a call, I guarantee … you will not be sorry !”

 Nathan S, Student, Mississauga

Nathan before and after 3 months

Working with Phil has really been a transformative experience for me.He has helped me significantly change my physique while providing me with the knowledge and skills to further my results after our training. His approach to fitness is progressive as well as methodical which helps smooth out any challenges along the way. He always has an answer for anything that you would have a question for. Ultimately training with Phil has been one of the best choices I have ever made, and I would strongly recommend him if getting fit is your goal.

Ankit Gadhiya, IT professional, Mississauga

I’ve trained with Phil for around 4-5 months, and believe he is one of the finest, most experienced & committed trainers around.

My story is - I had been into fitness and sports on and off throughout my life but due to a particular injury, I stayed away from my workout for good 2-3 years and had been completely off-focus on any kind of physical activities and screwed up my lifestyle, eating habits which left me very Inactive, Overweight and Depressed. It was a high time to realize that this needs to be changed and get started but it was also difficult since I was very cautious after my injury and really needed some guidance who can not only show me the right path but also understand my goals. After a lot of research, I decided to meet Phil Jelinowski who seemed to be exactly the person I was looking for. My first meeting with him left me an impression that he's strict, dedicated and honest with all his clients and was very excited to begin this new journey.

I immediately decide to train with him as frequently as I can so started with 3-4 days a week. Really enjoyed the variety & challenge he put into the sessions. I must be a glutton for punishment.

Phil was focused on helping me achieve my goals and made every session challenging (& somehow fun). Knowing that I am a vegetarian, he came up with a healthy meal plan which was very very important. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session.


– He ensured that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.

– He had been extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.

- Also showed me some of his exceptional calisthenic techniques

I thoroughly enjoyed working out with him. I've again taken a break due to personal commitments but looking forward to join him back damn soon.

On an ending note - I would like to Thank & recommend Phil to anyone looking to improve their fitness to an another level.

Dr. Mike J, Cardiologist, Brampton

Mike before and after 5 months

I have been with Phil as my trainer for a number of months now and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Never had a personal trainer before. He focuses on a combination of functional, weight-based, and cardio exercises tailored to achieve your goals. He also provides practical diet and lifestyle advice that complements the exercise routine.


He is consistent, goal-directed, and will push you in a safe and motivating way. His experience allows him to know when to push you more or back off when needed. The results will show and they will motivate you even more. For me it has gotten to the point that I cannot see myself NOT exercising regularly with Phil backing me up.



Kasia Zielinska, Web Content Writer & Coordinator, Mississauga

I was referred to Phil by my esthetician. I came in on July 2008 weighing 222lb at a height of 5’8. I began to train twice a week with him, and followed the nutritional program he sketched out for me. After the first hard core session I couldn’t move. I remember going to Wonderland that day, or even 2 days after, and everything hurt. I couldn’t even walk up the little grass hill without feeling all the muscles in my legs. I discovered muscles I never knew I had! It was a good kind of pain though.

Little by little, but not to forget, consistently, the pounds kept coming off. And that was motivation in itself. You know, along with all the compliments. Especially from people like my dentist who obviously see more of a change because they don’t see you as often as everyone else. By spring of 2009 I was at 182lbs and I lost 6 inches off my waist line.

Of course there were and continue to be many obstacles and even road blocks along the way; plateaus were reached, cravings were had, but I kept on trudging through. You’ve gotta leave room for error, otherwise you will never succeed. Having one bad meal does not mean giving the plan up completely and going back to your old ways. “

John M., Secondary School Vice Principal, Toronto

John after 6 months

“When I came in I weighed 125 lbs at 5’8”; my cortisol level was high and my testosterone level was low due to having a high stress job and not sleeping properly. After 6 months of training I gained 8lbs of muscle which I didn’t think was possible for me because I’ve tried so many other things before. I would recommend Phil Jelinowski’s fitness services to anyone, especially others that are looking for knowledgeable, supportive, informative fitness training. Phil is knowledgeable in areas of nutrition and physical training. Phil listens attentively to his client’s needs and personal goals for health and fitness from which he designs the most appropriate program. He provided individual training in the form of an efficient program tailored to meet my busy schedule that included flexible appointment times and a comfortable setting to workout. He gave me specific dietary advice, in addition to explanations for his recommendations. Throughout the training sessions, I have felt both challenged and supported by the training that he provided and through the words of encouragement, which is so important to mental conditioning. Phil also made himself available through phone calls and email for on-going consultations. His individualized exercise program and commitment to my fitness goals has been very helpful and assisted me in laying the foundation for on-going physical fitness training. “



Sunny Jassar, Mississauga

This is actually my second time working out with Phil. Back in 2012 I was looking for someone to help me get in shape and I stumbled upon his website. After booking a consultation with Phil I quickly learned he was very well educated and knew exactly what he was talking about. The next six months was probably the most physical activity I had ever done in my entire life, and i was surprised I had it in me. Thanks to Phil’s help it made it a lot easier to continue on. I was fairly new to the workout routine and the whole healthy eating lifestyle. I didn’t understand the meal plan at first and was confused about how to count calories but anytime I called Phil he was always there to answer my question’s and educate me.


Fast track to 2014…Since i stopped working out with Phil back in 2012 I ended up getting a second job and ended up right back to my old eating habits. I packed on about 40 lbs from the 190 lbs I weighed when I left him. Its been only two months and I have shredded all that fat off, I currently weigh 185 lbs @ 14% body fat and it feels great!. Phil is not my trainer anymore, he is actually a good friend of mine now and I recommend him to anybody who is really serious about getting into shape. He will honestly push you to your limits and yes you will probably curse at him but trust me its all worth it in the end.


Lindsey Weese, Mississauga

” I have been training with Phil for about 8 months now and have not only seen a huge change physically, but have also seen an increase in energy, and my cardiovascular abilities. My whole life I have played various sports (rep soccer/volleyball, etc.) as my only form of exercise. I literally came to Phil not knowing a single thing about weightlifting or how to really work out in a gym. He has taught me so much over the last 8 months, and just when I think an exercise is starting to get easy he finds another way to challenge me. I came to Phil with a very specific goal, and not only has he pushed me to achieve it, he has continued to challenge my abilities after the fact. My goal was to pass the ATS PREP physical test (for policing in Ontario), as well as the PARE physical test (for CBSA/RCMP). It was a challenging journey considering I came to Phil with a serious chronic injury that I am still recovering from, but he was able to work with me and modify some exercises due to my injury.

If it wasn’t for Phil’s expertise in personal training, I definitely would not have been able to pass these physical tests in a matter of months. If you are thinking of completing your ATS testing, or want to apply to CBSA or RCMP and you think you aren’t ready for the physical tests I highly recommend seeking Phil’s help. When I started training with Phil I was only able to get to about level 4 on the 20 metre shuttle run/beep test (you need to reach level 7 for the ATS PREP physical test), and as of two months ago I could consistently reach level 7.

Phil is reliable, hard working, extremely professional, and will definitely be able to help you reach any fitness or health goal you throw his way”


Ayesha H, Family Doctor, Mississauga

” I found out about Phil through a mutual acquaintance and wanted to give it a try because I was very weak and wanted to put on some extra weight and shape up. The training regiment was strict and demanding but after a few months the results started showing: my skinny arms got fuller, my buttocks got firmer, and my body took on more shape without looking overly muscular. I was able to do 10 pushups (I couldn’t even do one when we started) and I was lifting 200% more weight than I started off with. Phil is very knowledgeable in designing exercise programs that work and has obtained the highest level of education in fitness. I would recommend him to anyone who has specific goals and doesn’t mind putting in some hard work to reach them. “

Michael B, Project Manager, Toronto

” In the 9 months I have been working with Phil I have noticed major improvements in my physique, strength, stamina and energy level. My blood pressure has dropped from 140/85 to 120/70 and my cholesterol level has gone from high to normal. The exercise regiment Phil designed for me is challenging, safe and never boring. He motivates me to work harder than I ever thought possible. I would recommend Phil to anyone, looking for a knowledgeable, supportive and well informed trainer.


V.R, Police Officer, Toronto

” I purchased the Be Your Own Trainer package. I enjoy working out on my own so I see Phil to have him create programs for me. I’ve always been an athletic person competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing. I’ve also suffered from low back pain. Since seeing Phil and doing his routines I’ve added 40 lbs to my bench press and improved my overall fitness. Even my low back pain has improved. I’d recommend him to anyone.