Personal Training Services 

All personal training services include fitness assessments, performance tracking, nutritional program design and lifestyle modification programs. Come train with me and achieve your ultimate fitness and weight loss goal in just 6-9 months. Prices are subject to HST.

If I cannot deliver observable results after 12 sessions I will credit you with an additional 6 sessions. After 18 sessions you will have a much better idea of whether to continue training with me.

In Studio Personal Training

I train clients at my semi-private personal training studio located at 2642 Liruma Rd Unit 5. I provide one-on-one, two-on-one, and group personal training services. Fees for one-on-one training range from $50-60/session; fees for two-on-one and group personal training range from $15-$35/session.

In Home Personal Training

I work with Corestrength1 functional training machines to deliver intense in-home personal training sessions. Fees for in home training range from $70-80 per session plus cost of functional trainer. I can also work with whatever equipment you have at home.

Fitness Consulting Services

Need expert guidance? Reap all the benefits of my personal training programs at a fraction of the cost.

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching Program – $300 monthly flat rate

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you tried to improve your health, fitness and lifestyle habits on your own but failed miserably? Unhealthy habits are almost impossible to break without having proper guidance, support and someone to be accountable to. I will help you break those habits and enable you to reach your health, wellness and fitness goals by providing guidance, support and accountability. The program includes the following services each month: 

  • health, fitness and lifestyle assessment 
  • 1 personal training session
  • exercise program
  • nutritional program
  • weekly review of food log
  • progress tracking 
  • constant support through phone or email

This is the most effective option for anyone who needs a big overhaul in the health, fitness and wellness department. Conditions such as obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of depression all result from poor lifestyle habits, bad eating and a lack of exercise. My program targets all three areas, is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Be Your Own Trainer Package – $400

This package is a supervised independent program where you train at home or at the gym while periodically checking in with me so that I can teach you proper exercise form and technique, modify the exercises, assess your progress and keep you on track. This package will be specifically tailored to your needs and limitations and will give you everything you need to know to achieve your ultimate weight loss and fitness goal in just 6 months. This package includes:

  • detailed 3 phase periodized program.
  • all the essential training principles and general training knowledge
  • nutritional program
  • 1 hour consultation
  • 3 fitness assessments/instructional sessions

This is the most effective option for anyone who is active and has knowledge and experience but is looking for professional guidance to break out of a plateau or to hit new personal records. 

Post Rehab Conditioning

I design and administer specific exercise programs that help to improve functional impairments caused by any number of conditions or injuries. I also work with special populations and post-surgical clients.

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