How long will it take to lose X amount of weight?

Generally you can expect to lose 1-2lbs per week, but it depends on your current weight. The more overweight you are the quicker you will lose it. If you are lean to begin with and want to lose a few extra pounds then the rate is slower and the effort you have to put in is greater.

How long does it take to get results?

Results vary with individual differences in genetics. Significant improvements in strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness can be seen just after 5 sessions. At 3 months time (36 sessions) you can expect to lose 15lbs of fat and gain 5lbs of muscle. By this time you will have built a firm foundation of strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. At 6-9 months time you can achieve a drastic transformation in fitness level and body composition.

Do you guarantee results?

If genetics aren’t an issue and if you follow my program 90% of the time then yes. Sometimes there are other factors that can thwart results but I will do my best to identify them. Assessments are done every 12 sessions so I will know if something is off when I do the first assessment.

A lot of trainers promise results, what makes you different?

I’m certified as a strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. This is the highest level of certification that is obtainable in the fitness industry. While I’m not a physiotherapist or doctor I have training in how to work with people with injuries or various medical conditions. I also have years of practical experience training people with vast individual differences and my services are specific and optimized to a persons needs and limitations.

How long is each session?

Given my approach to training and the intensity of the workouts most people cannot tolerate more than 45 mins. I do not waste any time with long warm ups or stretching. I focus on intensity and efficiency and deliver results!

What payment methods do you accept? Are there payment plans available?

At this time I only accept cash, cheque or electronic money transfer. Payment plans are available with the purchase of bigger packages.

Do you offer refunds?

Unless you have a legitimate medical reason all sales are final.

Will you charge me if I miss a session? What if I come late?

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy and 3 strike last minute cancellation rule. I will not charge you for the first 3 last minute cancellations, but after that I will start charging. If you come late your session time will be reduced by how late you are.

I’m interested in beginning a fitness program. What’s next?

Give me a call at 416-662-7880 between 9am-9pm and I will book you in for a free consultation. You can also email me at info@elitesnc.com, leave me your phone number and I will get back to you.




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